Whyte Lake Trail (Quarry Rock Alternative)

The trail to Whyte Lake is an easy 5-6km hike that only takes a couple hours and climbs around 160m. It is a beautiful, peaceful hike that meanders along beside Nelson creek and surrounded my some ancient giants (Cedar and Douglas fir) and second growth forest.

It is an on-leash area for your fur babies; however, every time I have done this hike almost every dog I have seen is off leash. Keep in mind that there is an on-leash by-law and I have seen a by-law officer hanging around.

This is not an accessible hike for strollers or wheelchairs. I carried my youngest (60 lbs) in my Freeloader carrier for about 75% of this hike. That being said, if you have able-bodied children this is a great hike for the family.

The parking area is just off of Westport Road and is well marked. When we arrived the parking lot was busy. This lot is fairly competitive since their are a couple of trails that can be accessed from it as well as mountain biking trails. There is another access point off of Seaview trail that would add an extra 4ish km of fairly flat hiking to the outing. Once you have parked head down through the yellow gate and underneath the highway and up towards the first concrete reservoir where you will take the trail to the right. Head of the steepest part of the climb (a gravel road) until you get to the trail marker where you will head right again and up a small set of wood stairs.

Now just follow the trail over the wooden bridges, roots, rocks, and small stair sets.

Now just follow the trail over the wooden bridges, roots, rocks, and small stair sets.

You will know you are near the lake because the trees will thin out and the sun will start streaming through. To get to the lake you will need to take the trail marked “Whyte Lake Viewpoint”. This will lead you to the brand new dock (The old one was rotting and half underwater). The new dock is large and perfect to stop and have a snack, eat lunch, or go for a swim! The water was surprisingly warm and I wish I had brought my microfibre towel.

If you want to you can actually continue past the lake and head down to Horseshoe bay or up to Eagle Ridge Bluffs. However, to head back down to the parking lot, just follow the same trail back down.

If you are looking for a great family hike, and want to avoid the summer crowds that build up at places like Quarry Rock, I would definitely recommend Whyte Lake. Of course there is no Honey Donuts (See the Quarry Rock post) but sometimes you need to compromise 😉

Happy Hiking!!

The Walking Dad.


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