I am a single dad with two boys who I recently introduced to the joys of hiking. My youngest son is special needs. He has an extremely rare condition called “STXBP1” and has only recently learned to walk. This makes it difficult to get him around and we often have to use a stroller. I want my youngest son to be able to experience the same things as my oldest son, especially since we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This blog is not only to document our adventures but to give parents, who are thinking about venturing out into the wilderness, a bit more information about the amazing trails around Vancouver. I hope to inspire parents to get their kids outside, not just parents of special needs children, but all parents. That being said a large focus will be on accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs. It is often already difficult to move children around so a little more information, before you head out, can’t hurt!

Happy Hiking 🙂

The Walking Dad