The Power To Be

Sometimes you just stumble across something awesome… This was one of those moments. While researching better ways to help my youngest son experience the outdoors I came across this organization… AND THEY ARE BASED IN VANCOUVER AND VICTORIA!!!

Who are they? They are awesome people!

Okay… I’ll be more specific. In their words  “…we are a non-profit organization that empowers people to explore their limitless abilities through inclusive adventures rooted in nature…[w]e exist today because we empower children, youth, families and adults living with a barrier to live more meaningful lives. Our life-changing programs are the connecting force between courage, community, inclusion and generosity. In 2016, we empowered 1,178 participants to explore their limitless abilities thanks to the time, dedication and extraordinary talents of our volunteers and staff.”

An entire organization dedicated to doing exactly what I am doing with my youngest son; enable him to experience the outdoors the same way that I do, that my oldest son does, the way he deserves to.

I cannot wait to do some more research into this group and hopefully become involved in some volunteering. Thank you for being awesome!!!

Check out


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